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The SAI hosted in its headquarter in Abu Dhabi an informative workshop about the governance over the procedures of the government financial operation at federal government entities level which was organized by Ministry of Finance for two days from 30th of April until the 1st of May 2019. The workshop aimed to identify the latest updated on the decisions, initiatives and projects related to the federal financial system and governance over work procedures at the level of the federal government entities which emphasis the regulatory role of the SAI in this regard. All systems, procedures and financial operation associated with the federal financial system were reviewed to determine its soundness and the federal entities’ commitment to the best use of these systems.

This initiative came within the existing cooperation between the SAI and the Ministry of Finance as strategic partners working together to raise the government's performance and scaling up the level of public expenditure and ensure the good management of the public funds in the federal government. The discussion included the amendments made to the procurement regulation and warehouse management in the federal government under the new regulation issued by Cabinet Decree No. (4) Of 2019 as well as reviewing the smart reporting and the treasury management systems. The workshop concluded with a practical demonstration for the course documentary “from procurement until payment” in light of the automation of both the procurement cycle and the procurement invoices.