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Zayed Stadt,
Abu Dhabi, Die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate
Tel: 00971 2 635 9999

Publish date: Friday 04 MAY 2018


The SAI invited the public to use its various and safe channels provided to report the corruption and other fraud and financial violation to secure the protection of whistleblowers and ensure that data and information are kept confidential. Whistleblowers may contact the SAI through many ways such as: delivering the document directly to the PO of SAI headquarters in Abu Dhabi. 

The SAI also indicated that whistleblowers may use the electronic reporting program "Report Fraud "in the website, to send e-mail in the "E-service - Report Fraud" link . Furthermore, whistleblowers may contact the anti – corruption department on Telephone: 00971 2 635 9999, and attend to the department at the SAI's headquarters in Abu Dhabi. In addition, whistleblowers may ask for personal and confidential interview with the president or director of anti-corruption department through Telephone: 00971 2 635 9999.

The SAI provides considerations that must be taken in account when reporting fraud, where SAI does not require whistleblowers any arbitrary or coercive and conditions. Moreover, whistleblowers does not have to disclose their identity as they did not wish to do so. However, in order to enable the SAI to exercise its Audit functions quickly and effectively, whistleblowers must take into account things such as: the purpose of their action is to protect the public interest by acting in good faith and reporting shall be serious and does not involve false malicious facts which its sole purpose is to cause confusion and defamation. Reporting shall be relied on facts that constitute violations of public policy, fund of Auditees. Moreover, reporting shall be specific not general and includes certain and sufficient financial facts and shall attach the supporting documents in order to examine and investigate the report.

The SAI guarantees many ways for reporting fraud and crimes of corruption and financial violations within the framework of considering all the safeguards guaranteeing protection of whistleblowers where these guarantees are stated in each of the Federal Penal Code and the Money Laundering Act, in addition to the applicable regulations in the SAI. According to these regulations, the necessary preventive measures that takes into account the principle of maintaining the confidentiality of the submitted information from the whistleblowers is being followed without demanding him to disclose his identity as he does not wish that and will consider the provided information sufficient. 

The SAI seeks under its competence as determined by law to reveal financial corruption and fraud by auditing the UAE's fund and Auditees and verify in particular the integrity and legitimacy of public funds management and the good use of the funds for the purposes that was allocated for it. In order to combat corruption and fraud, the SAI has provided for publics regardless to their characteristics or categories and whether they were governmental employees or customers or suppliers of goods and services and others to report any facts of fraud, corruption and financial violations.