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Publish date: Tuesday 20 March 2018

State Audit Institution revealed a defeat of an attempt of seizure and embezzlement of amounts up to 10 million AED. SAI indicated that its anti-corruption department had studied the findings and reviewed the documents of the suspicious financial operations and determine the direct persons responsible for those operations and the private entities were part of it. Investigation has been made within SAI’s mandates with the suspects to detect the circumstances of the illegal financial transactions and limit the financial amounts included in it. H.E. Dr. Harib Al Amimi, President of the SAI and the Chairman of INTOSAI stated that during the financial audit operations conducted by SAI for one of the Auditee, seizing and attempting to seize public fund have been detected by some employees who works in the Auditee.

He added that the employees of the entity together with private institutions have committed acts which could adversely affect the public fund due to not following the prescribed legislations, regulations and policies regarding the management, disbursing and collecting of public money. This acts could almost lead to huge financial loss to the public treasury of the state, to a total amount of losses 10 million AED. In light of this, anti-corruption department in the SAI has studied the finding and reviewed documents.

Investigations and revisions showed that the employees of the entity together with companies in private sector “suspects” have committed seizing and attempted to seize the public fund and used the advantages of their positions to facilitate the seizing of the entity’s fund. In addition to participating with private entities to make a fictitious documents and false certificates of completion states that fictitious services for the entity has been made in order to pass the financial payments and pay the amount to the private entities by forging documents and records in the electronic systems which violates the legal enactments in force under the public fund crimes in the Penal Code.

The actual total seized amount were up to 6 million AED while the amounts that the suspects attempted to seize and facilitate its seizing was up to 4 million AED. Accordingly, SAI has referred the case to the competent judicial authorities to implement its affairs in accordance with due process of law. H.E. Harib Al Amimi assure that SAI is concerned of working with all auditees in order for the protection of corruption and fighting against all its kinds and protect the public fund from damages resulted from the illegal practices that might lead to the misuse of the financial allocations for the purposes other than the intended and to assure the good use and manage of the public fund in an effective, active and economical way. Moreover, H.E indicated that employee shall comply with the legislation in force and practice his functional duties with integrity and maintain the confidence given by the state and use his mandates integrally and seek only for the public interest and not using his position for illicit enrichment considering that damaging the public fund is one of the corruption cases in Law.