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Published on: Friday 23rd February 2018

Jumaa Al Nuaimi (Abu Dhabi)


H.E Dr. Harib Bin Saeed Al Amimi, President of SAI, praised the leadership’s support of SAI’s efforts and enabling it to perform its role to protect the public fund and fighting corruption. He assured that the SAI will continue developing its audit tools and financial review methods and training the national employees in accordance with the comprehensive development requirements in the UAE. SAI revealed its demand for restoration of more than 320 million spent illegally in the past two years without mentioning the involved entities announcing that the SAI has uncovered of more than 31 corruption cases during the last year included fraud, forgery and misappropriation of public fund. H.E has also indicated the SAI’s efforts to include anti-corruption within the school curricula.

The SAI has recently uncover a case of manipulation equivalent to 7 Million Dirham which has been spent illegally by an employee working at one of the auditees. SAI has noted by reviewing the documents and conducting investigations that the employee made some transactions related to hiring employees as they were hired by an external recruitment institution while the acknowledgments of those employees proved that they were hired directly by the entity itself and not by the external institution which the SAI found that it was owned by the employee himself. The illegal amounts paid to the said institution was approximately 7 Million Dirham.

The aforementioned crime is considered as illegal misappropriation of public fund, and represented an intended loss to state and utilizing the UAE obligations. It also considered as a forgery of official documents and using this forged document for that purpose. Thus, the SAI has referred this case to the competent judicial authorities.

International recognition

H.E Dr. Harib Bin Saeed Al Amimi, commended that because of the political leadership support, the SAI has continued in performing its mission in protecting the public fund and fighting the corruption. It worked also in developing its audit theories and financial review methods as well as training the national employees in accordance with the comprehensive development requirements in the UAE and addressing the challenges posed by the accelerated progress levels in the different government sectors. This ranked the SAI as one of the advanced SAI in the world and get the respect of its counterpart in the INTOSAI community.

H.E added “during the past phase, a number of bilateral agreements had been concluded by SAI in his capacity as supreme audit institution and anti-corruption at UAE level with many of SAIs counterparts and professional institutions around the world in order to enhance the international cooperation in the field of audit, protection of the public money, anti-corruption and the exchange of experiences and expertise. Moreover, SAI seeks to conclude agreements on a larger scale during the next phase in order to review the most significant international experiences of SAIs around the world. 

SAI recently signed a number of cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding where the most significant cooperation agreement was with (GAB) General Audit Bureau of Saudi Arabia earlier this year. 

In addition, SAI has signed a similar agreements with Russian Federation SAI, Control Chamber of The Republic of Armenia and the (NAO) National Audit Office of the People's Republic of China.


H.E. Dr. Harib Al Amimi clarified that SAI, the competent authority assigned to manage the UNCAC file, has formed a national expert team headed by SAI and a membership of representatives of the concerned federal authorities in UAE. Also, he indicated that SAI was periodically involved in the work teams meetings and the Conference of the States Parties to UNCAC meetings.

Furthermore, H.E said that SAI is currently planning to host the eight session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption to be held in Abu Dhabi in late 2019, pointing that SAI seeks to highlight the role of UAE in anti-corruption and its efforts to share it with the international community to reduce the negative effects resulted from corruptions in all its form in public and private sectors.

H.E. emphasized that the SAI disclose fraud, financial corruption and control the state’s funds under the federal law no. (8) Of 2011 on restructuring the SAI. The law identified that the financial offences violates the financial provisions and rules stated in the constitution, regulations and laws, including crimes of embezzlement and seizure of funds under auditing and electronic crimes or those involve fraud. As an audit authority the SAI disclose corruption cases, study its causes, punish perpetrators of corruption and suggest amendments for systems and policies in which it ensure providing an institutional control system to protect the business environment from corruption. 

The law entrusted SAI the control in investigating the financial violations, carry the appropriate penalties and refer the violations involved to criminal offenses to the Public Prosecutor's Office. The objectives that SAI is aiming to achieve in the field of anti-corruption are reducing the corruption in every possible means, disclose fraud and financial corruption at the auditees, investigate fraud and financial corruption that involve a financial violation, identify the responsible party and provide solutions that prevent it recurrence in order to keep the public funds. 

International convention  

H.E.  Said that the SAI follow up the implementation of the UNCAC ratified by UAE under the Federal Decree No 8/2006, in accordance with the guidance of H.H Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. He also added that the SAI made a huge efforts in order to fight corruption at regional and international level. 

He clarified that the mentioned convention is considered as the first legally binding instrument that address corruption for the ratified countries, the SAI also supervise the entire agreement and suggests to set or enhance the legislations in the country in which its match the agreement’s requirements and  provisions. 

The SAI participates the meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council responsible in Protecting Integrity & Combating Corruption, these efforts are illustrated by adopting many principles and guidance document that contributes to fight corruption.