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As part of efforts to strengthen the values of institutional loyalty and job belonging, the SAI invited Dr. Layla Al Blooshi, Human Development Consultant, to deliver a lecture to its staff on the loyalty and institutional belonging at its headquarter in Abu Dhabi within the initiatives to enhance the loyalty and belonging in the presence of H.E. Dr. Harib Al Amimi, President of SAI and the Chairman of INTOSAI.

The lecture aimed at introducing the concept of institutional loyalty and belonging and enhance the feeling of loyalty among staff by linking their professional and personal objectives with the institution’s objectives and developing the spirit of the teamwork. The lecturer pointed out during her lecture to the ethical dimension of the professional performance, particularly in the governmental sector. She said that the government employee is held accountable, especially within the frameworks of competition on the performance and excellence.

Dr. Layla also addressed during the lecture the difference between the institutional loyalty and belonging, as the belonging is the individual’s sense of the attachment to the institution while the loyalty is translating that feeling into a positive practical behavior. She also pointed out that the most important indicators of the loyalty are the discipline, compliance with the institution’s rule and laws, being proud and honored of the institution, as well as, the active participation in achieving the institution’s mission and objectives. H.E. Dr. Harib Al Amimi, praised the lecture saying that the nature of audit work is based on a group of values, principles and ethics that strengthen the feeling of institutional loyalty and belonging. The objectives of SAI in term of preserving the public fund and combating the corruption are actually added more sense of national responsibility and deepen the level of loyalty to the UAE and government by SAI’s effort in auditing the UAE funds and using it in the best interest of the UAE and its people according to the direction of government and its political leadership.