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The UAE participated in the proceeding of the eighth session of the review group of UNCAC implementation, the session was held at the United Nation Office on Drug and Crime headquarter in Vienna. The UAE participated as a state party in the mentioned convention with an official delegation formed by the SAI as the Central Authority on the follow up of implementing the Convention in UAE.

The meetings held in the session addressed many significant subjects including review the convention implementation and drawing of lots for choosing the under review and reviewing state parties in the second cycle of the mechanism for the review of Implementation of the Convention in accordance with the Resolution 1/6 and Conference of the State Parties on launches the second cycle of the mechanism for review of implementation of the UNCAC. In addition, discussing the performance of the mechanism for review of implementation, technical assistant and financial matters related to budgetary.

The Secretariat indicated in its presented report during the meeting on the contributions received by some countries to support the reviewing mechanism during the first and second cycles. It also expressed its appreciation of the UAE of supporting the mechanism through in-kind contribution during both cycles.

The drawing of lots resulted in choosing the UAE to participate in the process of reviewing the implementation of the convention as an under review state in the fourth tear of the second reviewing cycle which will launch with the beginning of the 10th session of the reviewing team of the implementation in 2019. The second cycle addresses reviewing the implementation of both chapters 2&5 of the convention related to preventive measures and asset recovery.

Moreover, UAE and Jamaica are currently carrying out the process of reviewing the implementation of Panama for both chapters of the Convention for the first year of the second reviewing cycle that started during the last reviewing session of the review team of UNCAC last year.

The session concluded adopting a report that includes the results of its current session after the approval of the states to ratify the Convention including the UAE, this is in order to present it in the Conference of the Parties which will be held in November of this year at the headquarter of the United Nation Office on Drug and Crime in Vienna.

H.E Dr.Hareb Alamim, the President of the SAI, stressed the importance of the concerted efforts at both International and regional levels of anti- corruption in its all forms and to reduce its negative effects. He also indicated that the UNCAC is considered the first international legally binding instrument for anti-corruption of the ratified states.

H.E indicated in the importance of the mentioned convention which has been approved by the General Assembly 2003 and entry into force in 14th Dec 2005. Where the SAI carry out full supervision on implementing the convention and suggest enhancing the legislations in the UAE to comply with its requirements and provisions.

H.E added that the SAI allocate its potentials in following up the implementation of the Convention and supporting the reviewing processes that the UAE participated in through staff training and improve their efficiency by assigning them the corruption file whether on local or international level.

He also mentioned that the implementation of the UAE of the provisions of the Convention was reviewed in 2013. The governmental experts raised the followed legal regime of the Convention in the UAE to in line with its provisions. The experts indicated some comments that required some enhancement in some legislations of the UAE and by that many actions were taken in this regard to address those comments through amending some regulations and laws to in line with the provisions of the Convention.

It is mentioned that in August 2018, meetings will be held for some of the working teams in the Convention, such as anti-corruption team and assets recovery team and some of the significant subjects will be discussed which are related to the implementation of the government of some of the convention's chapters and provisions. In the end of these meetings the teams should adopt recommendations to present it in the Conference of Parties that will be held in November.