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The SAI has held an awareness programs for the academic institutions in the UAE in coordination with both UAE University (UAEU) and Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT). The program targeted the Management and Economy students and Law students. This is in the context of the awareness plan of corruption launched by the SAI entitled as, “The SAI Mandates in the Public Funds Audit and Anti-Corruption” 

The program included a presentation which introduced the SAI and its audit mandates, reviewed its role in anti-corruption and how to hold accountable of the public officials of the auditees on fraud, corruption and the financial offences that might cause lost to state, addressed the distinction between the concept of the financial offence and the financial fraud and corruption, the followed methods of investigation procedures and controls and the detection methods of fraud, corruption and financial offence. SAI well hold the awareness program for Sharjah University and Zayed University students during the coming days.



The program highlighted the three essential auditing mandates of the SAI which are: financial audit, performance audit and IS audit. It also provided a detailed explanation about the audit policies, systems and theories followed at the SAI in accordance with the best international audit standards in the public sector and the additional role of the SAI related to The United Nations Convention against Corruption.  

Furthermore, the program introduced the followed methodology at the SAI to investigate fraud, corruption and financial offences crimes and defined the concept of the financial offences and the disciplinary sanctions imposed by law on employees who violates the financial rules and regulations of those entities.       




H.E Hareb Alamimi, the President of the SAI, emphasized that the awareness programs plays an important role in the field of anti-corruption by enhancing the awareness of the society in the importance of maintaining the public funds, and there is a national responsibility of the individuals and institutions in protecting the public funds. This requires supporting the SAI’s initiatives in fighting fraud, corruption and reporting any facts that may cause lost to state.  

He also added that the strategic objective of this initiative is aware the youth in the risks of the corruption and how to prevent it. As well as the other objectives of establishing the principles of responsibilities, transparency, integrity and efficiency in the educational institutions and strengthening cooperation between the SAI and those institutions in all fields. 

H.E indicated that the main responsibilities of the educational institutions is that related to the awareness and educational programs for the students to raise their awareness in the risks of the corruption and how to prevent it. This is to instill the values of the national responsibilities.