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H.E Dr. Harib Al Amimi, President of the State Audit Institution, honors a number of Auditors for obtaining CIPFA professional certificate after passing all the certificate requirements successfully under the supervision and management of CIPFA Institution during (Aug – Nov).

This honoring is part of SAI's continuous hard working journey toward achieving excellence and leadership in the field of audit and to provide a supportive working environment for creativity and achievement.

"This certificate is not the ultimate goal but it's a mean to improve the quality of audit and to enhance SAI's audit work and the final audit reports of the SAI. In addition, it's a mean to practice the audit process in a very high professional way in comparison to any audit institution in the world" said the president of the SAI.

CIPFA is a professional certificate that qualifies the auditor to gain the basic skills in audit and public finance and accounting. Moreover, it's the only international certificate that is granted for governmental sector audit. This certificate is issued by The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, its courses contains three themes: audit, anti-fraud and financial reports for the public sector. Furthermore, it aims to strengthen the basic skills of the auditor in financial audit and aims to focus on accounts audit in a professional and accurate way.