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Publication date: Sunday, 09 April 2017

Juma Al Naimi (Abu Dhabi)

The State Audit Institution detected 18 cases of administrative corruption estimated to millions of dirhams during 2016 while the detected cases in 2015 were 17 cases. The violations included embezzlement, misappropriation of the public fund, facilitate the acquisition of public fund, intentional loss to state and utilization of the country’s undertakings.

The cases during the fiscal year 2015-2016 included a case of taking over of electronic assets by government employees. The SAI started the investigation on such case immediately which the judicial authorities concluded that the employees shall be condemned and sentenced to prison, as well as, amounts of more than 340 thousands dirham shall be refunded. In another case where an employee manipulated supporting documents for clients’ interests to enhance them to benefit from some services’ advantages. The SAI’s investigations proved that he was involved in the case. The judicial authorities sentenced the employee to prison and claimed to refund more than two million dirhams. In another case, an employee at one of the government entities involved in inserting a name of labor within the list of cleaners in his entity resulted in payment the salary of the labor twice. Accordingly, the SAI hold a disciplinary actions against the employee and requested the labor to refund the amount paid to him illegally. In another case, the SAI concluded that an employee at one of customer services centers  was involved in misappropriation of financial amounts exceeded 1,5 million dirhams, as he should transfer the amounts to the entity’s bank account. This case is still under investigation by the Public Prosecution.


The SAI investigates in corruption cases in accordance with rules and procedures regulated by its internal regulation issued on anti-corruption and investigation of financial violations. Unlike its periodic review of the government’s budgets, the SAI provides several ways to report of any suspension of corruptions such as contacting the Department of Anti-corruption & Investigation of Financial Violations at: 026359999 or via the SAI’s website (