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Under the Auspices of H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, the XXII-INCOSAI launched today, in Abu Dhabi which is hosted by the SAI to enhance the country’s professional status in the field of financial audit field and anti-corruption in the public sector. 

H.E Hareb Alamimi, President of the SAI, First-Vice President of the INTOSAI and the Chief of the Higher Organizing Committee of the Congress emphasized in his statement for the media that the most important outcome of this International grouping is passing the INTOSAI presidency to the  SAI of UAE starting from December 2016. 

He also indicated that passing the INTOSAI presidency to the UAE was after the conviction of all the International community and SAIs in the efficiency of the UAE SAI, in addition to an International and strategic initiative led by the SAI in cooperation with the UN and alliance of a number of SAI’s friendly countries to create a joint working group to set an appropriate mechanism to ensure check and review implementing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  

He also said that the XXII-INCOSAI will adopt a number of important subjects listed in his schedule and on top of it the initiative of UAE SAI that requires amending and reformulation the INTOSAI statutes that includes administrative aspects of internal organizing for INTOSAI and professionalism aspects related to set financial audit standards to comply with all SAIs in all countries in addition to approve the organization’s Strategic plan in 2017-2020, in addition approve and discuss other issues related to approving professional degrees for auditors and professional capacity building programs in SAIs. 

700 participants from 192 country and 15 International Organization reviewing working papers presented by 165 SAIs are participating in the XXII-INCOSAI. The congress is starting from today until 11th Nov 2016. 

The first day witnessed the meetings of INTOSAI goals committees meetings, which includes the Capacity Building Committee, Capacity Building Committee and Knowledge Sharing Committee. These committees work jointly under the Governing Board and considered as the Technical Consultative Organ that provides possibilities and assesses for the benefit of the INTOSAI Strategic goals as a whole entire members of the INTOSAI and its regional organizations.

The first day events included the meeting of the Governing Board for the organization which considered the level of the arrangements and the procedures taken to prepare for the Congress in addition discussing and approving its main agenda and reviewing the different reports of the technical committees and the financial report prepared by the Organization’s General Secretariat 

The SAI UAE will hold opening reception ceremony for the delegates on 6th Dec 2016 and the official opening of the Congress will be on 7th Dec 2016. H.H Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan the Cabinet’s Vice President and the Minister of Presidential affairs will attend the opening and a number of Ministers SAIs Chairmen and members of INTOSAI participating in the Congress represents 192 country in addition to representatives on behalf of International and professional Organizations in the world. 

The XXII-INCOSAI agenda includes three general plenary sessions of 2 important themes, theme I: How can INTOSAI contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and theme II: What can promote INTOSAI's credibility to become a more prominent International Organization? In addition to 8 breakaway sessions.

H.E the President of the SAI explained that the INTOSAI includes all SAIs of all the member states in the UN. The INTOSAI hold a Congress every 3 years that includes all members and International Organization and professional Institutions representatives. 

H.E Hosam Alangery , Second Vice Chairman of the INTOSAI and the KSA SAI President said that he will present three reports for the Governing Board as the  Chairman of the Financial and Administrative Committee and the Chairman of the INTOSAI Donor Steering Committee to support the SAIs in developed countries.