Beside Zayed University,
Zayed City,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel : 00971 2 635 9999

President’s Message

Dear Colleagues, distinguished guests,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to the United Arab Emirates and in particular in our beautiful Capital Abu Dhabi. Myself and my staff are very enthusiastic and honoured to be the host of XXII INCOSAI.

The INTOSAI has been a vital body promoting good governance, accountability and transparency over the last 60 years. Think of it as a body with organs represented by regional working groups all over the world, INTOSAI has been able to provide an outstanding leadership and enable knowledge transfer between different countries in the sphere of Audit. As a community INTOSAI serves greater purposes; including guarding public funds, enhancing Accountability and Transparency and contribute to sustainability of economic growth.

As far as the UAE is concerned, the country went through an astonishing journey in the previous forty years. The amazing leap of growth accompanied by distinctive geographical location enabled the country to be set as a major destination on the globe. Not only has the UAE become an attractive destination for FDI but also a paradise for tourists. As the SAI we are encouraged to develop as fast and as efficiently as the country. The growth of the country’s resources has been rapid and our task therefore has become more challenging. I am proud to say that these challenges have been faced and dealt with professionally which in turn enable us today to perform our duties in line with stakeholder expectations..

Leading by example, our government has always encouraged the protection of public funds and the welfare of the local citizens of the UAE. As the trust in our SAI has been established, we have been asked to extend our duties to cover fighting fraud and corruption resulting in the responsibility for managing the requirements of the United Nation Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

My office is responsible to audit all federal governmental entities including ministries and agencies. Equipped with latest methodologies we carry comprehensive audits including: financial; compliance; IT audit; and performance audit. The experiences we are having are rather successful and as we move forward professionally, we are excited to always integrate new strategies to help us exceed our expectations and excel. With a team composed of the elite UAE local citizens and good quality expertise, we are today in a position that enables us to thrive as an organization. At last, I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to friends and colleagues heads of SAIs especially HE Liu Jiayi Auditor General of the National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China, chairman of the INTOSAI as well as members of General Secretariat, for their support and cooperation.

I once again, welcome you to your second home the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Harib Al Amimi

President of SAIUAE
First Vice-Chairman of INTOSAI