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FAQs for the INCOSAI website:

What is the INCOSAI?

INCOSAI stands for “International Congress of Supreme Audit Institutions”. The Congress is the supreme organ of INTOSAI and is composed of all member Supreme Audit Institutions. Once every three years it holds regular meetings, which are chaired by the hosting Supreme Audit Institution.

What is INTOSAI?

The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) operates as an umbrella organization for the external government audit community. For more than 50 years it has provided an institutionalized framework for Supreme Audit Institutions to promote development and transfer of knowledge, improve government auditing worldwide and enhance professional capacities, standing and influence of member Supreme Audit Institutions in their respective countries. In keeping with INTOSAI's motto 'Experientia mutua omnibus prodest', the exchange of experience among INTOSAI members and the therefrom resulting findings and insights are a guarantee that government auditing continuously progresses with new developments.

INTOSAI is an autonomous, independent and non-political organization. It is a non-governmental organization with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

INTOSAI was founded in 1953 at the initiative of Emilio Fernandez Camus, the then President of the Supreme Audit Institution of Cuba. At that time, 34 Supreme Audit Institutions met for the Ist INTOSAI Congress in Cuba. At present INTOSAI has 192 Full Members and 5 Associated Members.

What is the difference between INCOSAI and INTOSAI?

INCOSAI is the congress

INTOSAI is the organization

What does SAI stand for?

The State Audit Institution (SAI) is the supreme audit authority in the United Arab Emirates. The SAI is an independent body and attached to the Federal National Council. Its mandate encompasses not only the audit of federal government entities, but also the fight against fraud and corruption.

What are the main themes of XXII-INCOSAI 2016?

Theme I: How INTOSAI can contribute to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including good governance and strengthening the fight against corruption?

Theme II: Professionalization: what can promote INTOSAI’s credibility to become a more prominent international organization?

What is the objective of XXII-INCOSAI 2016?

The congress aims to provide an opportunity for all INTOSAI members to share experiences, discuss issues, and pass resolutions and recommendations to improve government accountability worldwide

When will the XXII-INCOSAI 2016 take place?

From the 5th of December 2016 to the 11th of December 2016

Where will the XXII-INCOSAI 2016 take place?

a. In the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), which is located in Abu Dhabi, the Capital of the United Arab Emirates

Who will take part in the XXII-INCOSAI 2016?

The INCOSAI is a non-public conference and it deals with the audit of the public sector. It is attended by the heads of the member Supreme Audit Institutions of INTOSAI, as well as by representatives of international organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Bank, and by professional organizations competent to develop audit standards.

What is the maximum number of delegates per country?

- Each one of the member Supreme Audit Institutions is entitled to register up to three delegates free of charge. ­

- Supreme Audit Institutions holding the chairs in committees, subcommittees, working groups and task forces are entitled to the free registration of one additional delegate per chair (4 Delegates).

- The chairpersons of the Governing Board and of the General Secretariat are entitled to the free registration of up to five delegates each.

- In addition to what they are entitled to according to the three clauses above, the host of the next INCOSAI in 2019 is entitled to the free registration of two additional delegates. ­

- Associate members and observer organizations (such as the United Nations) are entitled to the free registration of one delegate.

- Additional delegates exceeding the defined numbers will have to pay a registration fee.

- The current registration fee for each additional delegate is 290 Euro.

- Payments can be made during the event at the registration desk in cash or by credit card and exclusively in Euros. Participants will be notified in good time should alternative methods of payment arise.

What significance does hosting the INCOSAI carry for the SAI?

The SAI of the UAE will welcome all Supreme Audit Institutions of the world as well as the representatives of the General Secretariat of INTOSAI and of international organizations including the United Nations in order to discuss the most important issues related to the audit of the public sector. This is another important achievement in the long list of achievements of the SAI, which seeks to be excellent in the performance of its audit functions. This search goes hand in hand with the blessed endeavors made by the leadership and the Government of the United Arab Emirates in various fields.

The State Audit Institution is hosting the INCOSAI in December 2016, therefore HE Dr. Harib Al Amimi, President of the State Audit Institution, will become the Chairman of INTOSAI.

What are the most important sights of the United Arab Emirates?

For further information please visit the following page: http://incosai2016.saiuae.local/subPage.aspx?pageId=50146&lang=en

Citizens of which countries do not require a visa for the United Arab Emirates?

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, citizens of one of the following countries do not require a visa:

2. France

1. United Kingdom

4. Germany

3. Italy

6. Belgium

5. Netherlands

8. Switzerland

7. Luxembourg

10. Sweden

9. Austria

12. Denmark

11. Norway

14. Ireland

13. Portugal

16. Finland

15. Greece

18. Monaco

17. Spain

20. Iceland

19. Vatican

22. San Marino

21. Andorra

24. Poland

23. Liechtenstein

26. Slovakia

25. Slovenia

27. Lithuania

26. Czech

29. Latvia

28. Hungary (Hungary)

31. Malta

30. Estonia

33. Croatia

32. Cyprus

35. Bulgaria

34. Romania

37. Australia

36. United States

39. Japan

38. New Zealand

41. Singapore

40. Brunei

43. Hong Kong

42. Malaysia

45. Canada

44. South Korea

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What are the national airlines of the United Arab Emirates?

o Abu Dhabi International Airport:

                     Etihad Airways

                     Rotana Jet

o Dubai International Airport:

                     Emirates Airline

                     Flydubai

o Sharjah International Airport:

                     Air Arabia